Past Life Regression



This is a book on past lives regression, how it is processed, what it is for and what its benefits are.

Filled with real examples that have happened in my office, it shows the reasons that lead us to go through so many different experiences, encounters and emotions throughout our lives.

It offers a new look on the world, with all its challenges, and helps us to discover the messages and lessons that are hidden behind each encounter or event.

In this book I will try to show you that behind this whole apparently chaotic world, there is an intelligent force that is constantly pushing us towards a freer and more loving posture, both towards ourselves and with others.

Why we attract loos, why some are brave, others are shy, why some are arrogant, other are loving, why some are sick while others are healthy and why some have it all and others have nothing. This book suggests an answer to these questions and many more and is an attempt at showing that everything makes sense, after all.

Luck and bad luck do not exist. What does exist are Universal Laws which, when we know them, accept them and apply them, will allow us to deal with the world in a much more tranquil, conscientious and loving way.

Through the various levels that are experienced by all of us and are described throughout the book, we may have an idea of where we came from, as well as where we are and where we are headed. Come find them.


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